Dynaplug Pill - Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

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Productnummer: DMP-1281
Fabrikant: DynaPlug
Fabrikant nummer: DMP-1281
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Productinformatie "Dynaplug Pill - Tubeless Tire Repair Kit"

The Dynaplug Pill (aka Micro Pro) is crafted for the scale of a puncture repair in a tubeless bicycle tire. The reduced force needed to repair a bicycle tire resulted in this ergonomic, compact repair tool with extreme durability and efficiency. This expands Dynaplug into the area of UST tires and tires converted from tube-type “bike rim and tire” with a Stan's Tubeless Conversion Kit.

While it's possible to plug a puncture in a bicycle tire using the traditional Dynaplug, the features of the Pill are specific for bike riders with little or no storage space for tools and for the size of a bicycle tire.