Pedro's Bye Grease Ontvetter 100ml
Pedro's Bye Grease Ontvetter 100mlPedro's Bye Grease Ontvetter 100ml Say goodbye to grease and grit, this new degreaser is fast, efficient and friendly. It dissolves grease and oil immediately, wait for a few minutes and it will also dissolve dried and sunburned grit which is otherwise really hard to get rid of. Simply apply on metal parts, scrub and rinse with water. It also works beautifully with the Chain Pig chain cleaner. Bye Grease is completely biodegradable and has negligible environmental impact. 1. Apply to chain, cassette, and chainrings using a brush or use the Chain Pig for the chain 2. Rinse well with water using low to medium pressure 3. Let dry and apply new layer of lubricant

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Pedro's Green Fizz Bike Wash 500ml
Pedro's Green Fizz Bike Wash 500mlPedro's Green Fizz Bike Wash 500ml Green Fizz is an incredible foaming bike wash that has allowed Pedro's to quickly, easily, and effectively wash thousands of bikes around the world at major events like the Sea Otter Classic in California to Riva del Garda in Italy. >p?Green Fizz is different than many other bike wash products because it uses proprietary surfactants, instead of solvents, to lift dirt and grime from the whole bike. The surfactants work quickly on dirt and other contaminants by lowering the surface tension of the dirt molecules and allowing it to be effortlessly wiped or rinsed from the bike. Green Fizz’s biodegradable solvent-free formula can be safely used on all parts and materials, including carbon fiber, without washing away grease and lubricants or damaging delicate parts. The formula can be used straight from the bottle with a rag, sprayed from the bottle and then rinsed with water, or diluted in a bucket or water and used with brushes or other cleaning tools. Whichever way you choose, Green Fizz will leave you with a beautifully clean bicycle. 1. Spray straight from the bottle onto all parts of the bike and let sit for a few minutes. Do not let dry. 2. Rinse well with water using low to medium pressure and then dry with clean rag. 3. Green Fizz can also be used without water using a rag or, for extreme jobs, mixed into a bucket of water. Then dip a brush into the suds and scrub the whole bike. 4. Though it will remove some dirt from chains, cassettes and chainrings, Green Fizz is not designed for heavy duty degreasing. Instead, use Pedro's Bye Grease degreasers for the best results.

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