Jones Steel Plus SWB Spaceframe Frameset

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Productnummer: FS-SWfeSTMor
Fabrikant: Jones Bikes
Fabrikant nummer: FS-SWfeSTMor
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Productinformatie "Jones Steel Plus SWB Spaceframe Frameset"

The new Jones Steel Spaceframe Plus SWB brings the benefits of 27.5" Plus tires to the proven Jones 29 geometry to create a new kind of Jones Plus! 

The result is a bike that maintains the agility for which the Jones 29 is known, while adding stability, and more wheel options! Initially only available in the Medium (23" ETT) size (equivalent to the Medium (24") size in the Plus LWB).

The Jones Plus SWB is the evolution of the original Jones: the Jones 29. The Jones 29 has been a truly groundbreaking bike since its introduction back in 2009, and this is the first major update it's gotten—which speaks to its enduring design, but recently Jeff saw developments which, together with little tweaks he'd had in mind, warranted a real update. Jeff tweaked that proven geometry to allow for clearance of 27.5x3+" tires front and rear (though it will fit up to a 4" tire in the front). This results in a 11mm longer rear center, which, when combined with a 1° slacker headtube angle, gives the frame an 11mm longer front center as well. This 22mm longer wheelbase gives the Plus SWB just the right amount of added stability when compared to the original Jones 29—without affecting the bikes superbly nimble handling.

It has the same 148x12mm thru-axle (boost) rear end, 150x15mm thru-axle front hub spacing as the Plus LWB—which allow you to use generator hubs designed for fat bikes, as well as build extremely strong wheels for both the front and rear. Three water bottle bosses on the down tube to allow you to mount three-hole bottle cages such as the Salsa Anything Cage. Comes with Jones TA Bolts front and rear for simple, reliable wheel mounting. Jeff wanted to pare-down the thru-axles he used to the minimum by simplifying them as much as possible to make a system that is as reliable, light, and durable as possible. The result is the Jones TA Bolt. It works just like a standard quick release thru-axle, but instead of just threading it in until it's tight enough to clamp the quick release, you just tighten this one until it's tight, using a 5mm allen wrench.

Sizing information:

  • Rider height between 1.52m and 1.77m would fit the Small (22") Jones Spaceframe Plus SWB 148 well.
  • Rider height between 1.58m and 1.89m would fit the Medium (23") Jones Spaceframe SWB 148 well.
  • Rider height between 1.73m and 1.89m would fit the Medium (23") Jones Diamond Plus SWB 148 well. Standover is approximately 31.5".
  • Rider height between 1.83m and 1.98m would fit the Large (24") Jones Spaceframe SWB or Diamond Plus SWB 148 well.