Nana Ultralight Carbon Minipomp

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Productnummer: RHNANA
Fabrikant: Rene Herse Cycles
Fabrikant nummer: RHNANA
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Productinformatie "Nana Ultralight Carbon Minipomp"

The Barbieri Nana pump is a high performance pump that inflates tires up to 10 BAR and 142 PSI. Thanks to its compact size and low weight this pump can be used in competition. Good reliability is ensured by the use of carbon fiber and titanium. Complete with clips for attachment to the frame.

The Nana’s superlight action allows you to pump with more strokes per second to make up for its smaller air volume. Made completely from carbon and titanium, the Nana’s is superlight thanks to high-end materials and simple design, not because it is excessively fragile: The pump is rated to 142 psi (10 bar). Like most minipumps, the Nana works best for wide, low-pressure tires – above 60 psi (4 bar), pumping gets a bit harder.

It weighs only 29 grams !!


  • For Presta valves only
  • Max. inflation pressure: 10 bar (142 psi)
  • Weight: 29 g
  • Carbon: barrel, plunger
  • Titanium: cover
  • Made in Italy