WTB TCS Max-Flow Tubeless Valves - 44mm Black - Paar

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Productnummer: W095-0112
Fabrikant: WTB
Fabrikant nummer: W095-0112
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Productinformatie "WTB TCS Max-Flow Tubeless Valves - 44mm Black - Paar"
WTB TCS Max-Flow Tubeless Valves - 44mm Black Pair. 
The TCS Max-Flow Tubeless Valves features an insert-compatible base increased bore diameter an integrated valve core remover and an ergonomically designed nut that allows riders to properly tighten down the valve without the use of a tool. TCS Max-Flow Tubeless Valves feature a castellated base for multi-directional air flow out the sides therefore preventing the airflow restriction that can occur with a tire insert being pushed up against a traditional valve opening. The increased bore diameter helps seat tubeless tires and prevent clogging that would typically occur after pouring sealant through the valve. 
  • Insert-Compatible: Max-Flow base guarantees air flow 
  • Increased Bore Diameter: Supports an 84% increase in air capacity and reduces sealant clogging 
  • Valve Core Removal Cap means searching for pliers no longer needed 
  • Uses a Universal Presta Valve Core 
  • Knurled Easy-Grip Nut with ergonomic shape allows hand tightening 
  • O-Ring rubber grommet protects the rim from damage 
  • Universal Rubber Stopper compatible with all rim widths and offsets