WTB TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit

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Productnummer: w095-0113
Fabrikant: WTB
Fabrikant nummer: w095-0113
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Productinformatie "WTB TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit"
The WTB Rocket tubeless tire plug kit is easy to use and will get you back on two wheels in no time. More time for miles of smiles, rather than explictives on the side of the road or trail 
  • CNC'd from 6061 aluminum alloy 
  • Integrated plug plunger, internal storage for 2 small anchors, 2 large anchors and 15 - 1.5mm diameter tire plugs (all included with kit) 
  • Reusable anchors rotate once pushed into the tire and physically prevent the plug from pulling through due to high air pressure or cornering 
  • Once tire is eventually removed, anchors can be retrieved from the inside of the tire and reused 
  • Small anchors can hold 2 plugs and large anchors can hold up to 4 plugs 
  • Extra hand stopper can be pushed into the puncture to help prevent air loss when preparing plugs and can also be used as a reamer Kit 
  • Includes: CNC'd carrier w/extra hand, (15) 1.5mm diameter plugs, (2) large reusable anchors, and (2) small reusable anchors 
  • Weight: 55g. 
  • Color: Black