Old Man Mountain Fit Kit - 15mm - Front - 1.5

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Productnummer: SET707
Fabrikant: Old Man Mountain
Fabrikant nummer: SET707
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Productinformatie "Old Man Mountain Fit Kit - 15mm - Front - 1.5"

Our Fit Kits are tried and tested! Old Man Mountain was born in 1996 from the need to mount racks on bikes without traditional mounting points and make every bike capable of doing more. Our Fit Kits do just that while having some key benefits over eyelet mounting too.

  • Fit Kits protect your bike. Not all bike eyelets are meant for racks, most are only made for fenders or have very low weight limits. Axle mounting protects your frame by moving the load from a small bolt that’s loaded in shear to a stud that extends from the axle and is captured by the rack dropouts.
  • Need to carry more gear? Axle mounting increases our Divide rack’s load capacity to 70lbs/33kg.
  • Want to move your rack between multiple bikes? Fit Kits make it easy to swap between bikes or front and rear mounting with just a few bolts.


This Fit Kit contains all the parts needed to thru axle mount an Old Man Mountain bike rack to the front of a bike with a 15 mm thru axle.

This kit includes:

  • 15mm thru axle with 1.5 mm thread pitch
  • A pair of mounting pucks, for bikes without upper eyelets.
  • Ultra strong and UV stable Panduit Zip Ties
  • Clear protective tape, for underneath the pucks and Zip Ties
  • Mounting hardware

Our thru axles are made in Oregon by The Robert Axle Project.