• 45Nrth Shoes And More

    Cold and Wet? Ride your bike!

    With the products of 45Nrth you do not have to stop riding your bike when it is getting Dunkel, Kalt und Hart!

    Made for cold weather, 45Nrth delivers comfort when you expect to get cold. Protect your hands, feet,

    your body and your head with the products made by the company that was born below zero!

  • JustPedal Bikepacking

    Travel by bike!

    In our webshop we have a lot of products made to get out on your bike, with more or less bagage to spend a day, a week, a month or even longer on your bike to travel our world. Combine these accessories to enable you to bring just what you need!

  • Be Nice

    We Ride!

    We spend a lot of time in our shop, we feel a great need to be there for our customers! But... we need some time to ride too. We think it is important to ride. Not only because we love to ride, also because we want to know what we sell. We think we need to know the products we sell, so we can advise you not only what we read on the internet, but most off all what we experienced while out on our bikes! We are not the average webshop with a large 24/7 call center to be at your service all the time. Not so 2020, but the way we like it ;)

  • Gravel riding the Dutch Veluwe

    Touring and Gravel riding

    Gravel riding is the new bike touring. The thing we all did for years, just go out and ride whatever showed up before our wheels, now has a name: Gravel riding!

    At Just Pedal we have a lot of experience building and riding these bikes, and our webshop contains some great products to update your current ride.

  • Jones Plus 25 in Sicily

    JustPedal, not your average bikeshop!

    Thanks for dropping by in our webshop! At JustPedal we live bikes. That passion can be found in the parts we sell, in the bikes we build and the customers we have. Have a look at our great selection of parts and if you need some additional info, just send us a message!

  • Dawn
  • Bikes & Parts

    Bikes & Parts

    We sell bikes and parts, and everything in between. We do custom wheelsets, we do frames with just a headset and a bottom bracket, or we do your complete build, from affordable commuter to pimped out titanium dream machine. We sell more than you find in our webshop. Are you looking for that hard to get part? Just send us a message and we will try to get it, or let you know how you should be able to get it. We are not your average bikeshop..

  • Quick view
    € 29,95 Shipped within 2-8 days

    The MonkeyBottle was designed so that the cyclist can mount the water bottle on the bicycle and remove it again with much greater ease. Its minimalistic design enables the bracket to be mounted on any of the tubes on the bicycle so that it is also suitable for even the smallest bicycles frames. Its well thought-out design means that the standard bottle...

    € 29,95
  • Quick view
    € 29,90 Shipped within 2-8 days

    De Schwalbe Aerothan. Aerothan is a material that completely redefines bicycle tubes: extremely light, with maximum puncture protection and designed for minimum rolling resistance. More info at the Schwalbe Aerothan site.

    € 29,90
  • Quick view
    € 34,95 Shipped within 2-8 days

    As much as you love your Phil hubs, you hate when your axle slips forward in your dropouts, right? We do too. Technically speaking these are cones, not domes. Either way...a set of oversized mounting washers provides a larger contact area and help keep your axle where it's supposed to be, even on dropouts having extra hard stainless steel dropout...

    € 34,95
  • Quick view
    € 19,95 Shipped within 2-8 days

    Voile Aluminum Rack Strap -- 25 Inch version. Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indstructable. The Rack Strap has two clamps for easy rack packing. 

    € 19,95
  • Quick view
    € 1.499,00 € 1.999,00 Shipped within 2-8 days

    Cutthroat is Salsa's Tour Divide-inspired drop bar bike, born on the endless ribbons of mixed surfaces the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route offers. The Cutthroat brings to market a wide range of drivetrain compatibility, and more accessory mounts than ever. It’s all about covering long distances with speed and comfort. Last Item, One Size Only.

    € 1.499,00 € 1.999,00
  • Quick view
    € 1.199,00 € 1.599,00 The product is not in stock but it is possible to order

    Surly Lowside Complete DEMO bike The Lowside is the bike that gets you across town for a quick rip on singletrack, then over to the bar for a night out. It’s the bike you turn to when you’re not entirely sure what the night has in store. It’s the bike to grab when you want to have just much fun riding to the trail as you do from the trail itself....

    € 1.199,00 € 1.599,00
  • Quick view
    € 139,00 € 189,00 Out of stock

    The Wolverine lugged crown fork for traditional QR hubs.

    € 139,00 € 189,00
    Reduced price!
  • Quick view
    € 125,00 € 180,00 Shipped within 2-8 days

    Jones H-Bar® Loop 660 Aluminium

    € 125,00 € 180,00
  • Quick view
    € 119,00 € 169,00 Shipped within 2-8 days

    The Surly Troll Fork. Disc or rim brake compatible Non Suspension corrected Compatible with disc brakes and rack simultaneously Fits 26" wheels with clearance for a 3.0" tire Shop Demo, Used once, Steerer tube cut off at 21,5 cm

    € 119,00 € 169,00
  • Quick view
    € 115,00 € 129,00 Out of stock

    Salsa's EXP Series Anything Cradle system is designed to create carrying capacity in front of your handlebars, while providing ample room for cables without fear of kinking them. This system is available as a complete "kit", or sold individually for custom set-ups. Mounts directly to handlebars with super tough 6066 Aluminum mounting hardware, and hinges...

    € 115,00 € 129,00
  • Quick view
    € 109,95 € 139,95 Shipped within 2-8 days

    Phil Wood Bottom Bracket - ISO

    € 109,95 € 139,95
  • Quick view
    € 30,00 € 150,00 Out of stock

    Jones 135-F Hub

    € 30,00 € 150,00

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In brief...

Just Pedal - Your Alternative Bikeshop

Just Pedal is the evolution of Singlespeed.nl. Over the years we started selling more then only singlespeed products, and we found the time was right to change names and continue with our new name Just Pedal Bikeshop. We are still working in the shop part time, but we do our best to be as responsive as a full time shop! Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, we love to get your feedback to be able to keep our standards as high as possible!

Besides the web shop we have a fully equiped work shop, where we build custom bikes and wheels. Contact us for your individual wishes!