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    Supernova Multimount CS: Black Non-Threaded vork hole version

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    Part of an artist collaboration with Minneapolis Illustrator and Designer Emma Eubanks, use the All-City Night Claw Patch to spice up your favorite frame bag, backpack, or denim jacket. Or miss out on the fun. That’s cool too. Black backing with teal and pink stitching Measures 9,5 x 6,5 cm

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    The VO Crazy Bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads, single and double track, gravel and crushed limestone, and everything in between. The main, swept back section provides excellent control and leverage on rough and tumble surfaces, while the the bullhorn section offers an aero position for smoother roads and headwinds. The junction of...

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    Ride longer, ride farther with the eeSilk premium suspension seatpost from Cane Creek. The eeSilk Post is comparable in weight to traditional rigid performance seatposts while offering 20mm of vertical compliance improving control on rough surfaces and reducing fatigue on long rides.

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    The most technologically advanced winter cycling boot on the planet, made with NASA-grade insulation materials. Whether you’re heading out on a multi-day expedition or groomed singletrack session, Wølfgar provides comfort down to -31ºC and keeps out the harshest of winter days and nights. Need a cozy companion for brutally cold winter days, Wølfgar is...

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    The Makwa fat bike fork is ready to race. Lightweight and stripped of “extras”, its thru-axle design boosts stiffness and aids in solid tracking on the trail. High modulus carbon fiber construction Tapered 1-1/8” to 1-½” steerer tube 160mm minimum rotor size; 180mm maximum rotor size 15 x 150mm Salsa Deadbolt axle included Front Axle Size: 15 x 198L,...

    € 253,72 € 453,72
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    Originating from the conceptual standpoint of a mountaineering boot, the new and evolved Wölvhammer is lighter, more comfortable, and grippier. The overhauled design features a removable synthetic liner and a three-piece proprietary bottom assembly compatible with flat and clipless pedals. When the cold winter creeps in, Wölvhammer has you covered.

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    The Wolverine lugged crown fork for traditional QR hubs.

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    The Dirt Wizard will cast a spell on the trail… a spell that will conjure all the traction and control you will need to slay the trail dragon. Dirt Wizard features a Nylon anti-cut sidewall insert. The new Surly rubber compound design for longer wear and better performance on the trail. Set of 2 tires that come from a complete build.

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    Cane Creek 110 Balhoofd Technical Description Dia: 1-1/8 Color: Blue Material : Alu 7075

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    Riding your fatbike on ice just got even better with the redesigned Dillinger tread pattern and tubeless compatibility. 240 carefully positioned studs allow you to rail icy off-camber singletrack with confidence and control, while taller side lugs bring improved cornering in snowy conditions. Dillinger’s center tread is tightly spaced for speed when you...

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    Paul Components WHUB - Front Hub

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    Voile Nano Buckle Straps For the minimalist, 9 Inch long, only 1/2 inch wide. Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indestructible.

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    Voile Nano Buckle Straps For the minimalist, 6 Inch long, only 1/2 inch wide. Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indestructible.

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    Mount your accesories anywhere on the bike Available in six sizes: 1 1/8", 28.6mm, i.e. handlebar & steering 1 3/8", 35 mm diameter, ie.e steel frames 1 5/8", 41 mm diameter, i.e. 32mm fork stanchion 2", 50 mm diameter, i.e. alu frames, 36mm fork stanchion 2 1/4", 57,2mm, realy big frame tubing 2 1/2", 63,5mm the largest size tubing

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    King Cage Stainless Steel Cage

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    SkinnyStripper bands provide a more reliable tubeless solution for CX, Enduro, XC, DH and FAT wheels when lower pressures are desired for traction but the off-camber and technical nature of the trail tends to encourage "burps". The latex will bond with the tire's bead after a week or two to create a "tubular-like" solution. This is "burp insurance" for...

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    At 55 mm wide, the Antelope Hill is Compass Cycles largest tire yet. Antelope Hill is the unofficial name of the last great climb on the 360 mile Oregon Outback mixed-surface ride/race. The gravel is quite loose in places, and the extra floatation of the Antelope Hill tires gives you more speed and security when the going gets really rough. Standard (ca...

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    Voile Aluminum Buckle Straps. 25 Inch version. Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indstructable.

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    Friction fit the 3/4" (Normal size,not Nano, not XL) Voile Straps: the Strap Keeper offers increased security for exposed loads, and new levels of tidiness for those who admire a well-dialed rig.

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    Newbaum’s tape is made in the USA of US grown cotton and using eco-friendly dyes with a comfort and feel that is outstanding Adhesive backed for easy and secure wrapping - 1 Role is enough for 1 side of the handlebar, for a complete bar you need 2 roles (Unless you only want to cover the lower part of your dropbar). - Width 19mm, Length 304cm

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    Voile Aluminum Buckle Straps Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indstructable.

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