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    Voile Nano Buckle Straps For the minimalist, 6 Inch long, only 1/2 inch wide. Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indestructible.

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    Voile Nano Buckle Straps For the minimalist, 9 Inch long, only 1/2 inch wide. Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indestructible.

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    Mount your accesories anywhere on the bike Available in six sizes: 1 1/8", 28.6mm, i.e. handlebar & steering 1 3/8", 35 mm diameter, ie.e steel frames 1 5/8", 41 mm diameter, i.e. 32mm fork stanchion 2", 50 mm diameter, i.e. alu frames, 36mm fork stanchion 2 1/4", 57,2mm, realy big frame tubing 2 1/2", 63,5mm the largest size tubing

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    King Cage Stainless Steel Cage The classic cage. 48 grams 304 Stainless steel tubing Doesn't mark up your bottles28 grams also perfect for Under downtube location & Tri-Athlete - behind seat

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    At 55 mm wide, the Antelope Hill is Compass Cycles largest tire yet. Antelope Hill is the unofficial name of the last great climb on the 360 mile Oregon Outback mixed-surface ride/race. The gravel is quite loose in places, and the extra floatation of the Antelope Hill tires gives you more speed and security when the going gets really rough. Standard (ca...

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    SkinnyStripper bands provide a more reliable tubeless solution for CX, Enduro, XC, DH and FAT wheels when lower pressures are desired for traction but the off-camber and technical nature of the trail tends to encourage "burps". The latex will bond with the tire's bead after a week or two to create a "tubular-like" solution. This is "burp insurance" for...

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    Voile Aluminum Buckle Straps. 25 Inch version. Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indstructable.

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    The Barlow Pass tires is named after a pass on the Mountain Loop Highway, a scenic gravel road through the central Cascades. The road leads past the ghost town of Monte Cristo before ascending the pass. On the long straights and sweeping turns of this gravel road, the extra stability of a large-wheeled bike can provide an advantage as you descend at high...

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    Friction fit the 3/4" (Normal size,not Nano, not XL) Voile Straps: the Strap Keeper offers increased security for exposed loads, and new levels of tidiness for those who admire a well-dialed rig.

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    Voile Aluminum Buckle Straps Best bikepacking straps available, strong, elastic and indstructable.

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    The Fog Cutter is an endurance road/road sport design. Soma designed it to fit fatter tires, but the frame angles are more road bike than CX or gravel bike. It can float you over chewed up asphalt better than most bikes in this category. This is the frame you want for long days in the saddle and the most demanding commutes. With Matching straight blade...

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    The original inspiration for the Wolverine was “monster cross”, but it is seriously so much more. Its geometry is stable enough for off road touring, but sporty enough for all-around adventure and gravel riding. With its sliding dropouts, you can run single-speed, derailleur gearing or hub gearing.

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    The best aluminium all mountain wheels. Period. That is what we designed the XM 1700 SPLINE wheels to be. Whether this is actually the case is up to you to decide. But we have given it everything needed to dominate the mountain. Light and robust welded rims, perfect tubeless compatibility for grip and puncture resistance as well as our reliable hubs with...

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    The GR 1600 SPLINE 25 is made for gravel adventures and all those unique experiences to be found far from the tarmac and the rest of the road cycling community. A super-durable aluminum wheelset made of reliable components that supports you for endless miles of trouble-free riding pleasure. Ready to explore the world? The GR 1600 SPLINE 25 definitely is!

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    M 1900 SPLINE means business. It’s been developed for the new all-mountain bikes. We’ve packed all our expertise into the high-end machined hubs of the M 1900 SPLINE. Forces to and from the hubs are transmitted via our proven straight pull spokes. The strong, lightweight rims of 30 mm innerwidth offer the best tiresupport for your prefered tirewidth and...

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    The Makwa fat bike fork is ready to race. Lightweight and stripped of “extras”, its thru-axle design boosts stiffness and aids in solid tracking on the trail. High modulus carbon fiber construction Tapered 1-1/8” to 1-½” steerer tube 160mm minimum rotor size; 180mm maximum rotor size 15 x 150mm Salsa Deadbolt axle included Front Axle Size: 15 x 198L,...

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    The entry into the world of gravel riding - the G 1800 SPLINE 25. If you want to give cycling a try and plan to do your first rides off-road, the G 1800 SPLINE 25 should be your ideal choice of wheels. Combining all the key advantages of our gravel segment wheels at a very attractive price point, these wheels may be your entry into the world of gravel...

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    Originating from the conceptual standpoint of a mountaineering boot, the new and evolved Wölvhammer is lighter, more comfortable, and grippier. The overhauled design features a removable synthetic liner and a three-piece proprietary bottom assembly compatible with flat and clipless pedals. When the cold winter creeps in, Wölvhammer has you covered.

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