Bicycle Quarterly 79


Product number: BQ79
Manufacturer: Rene Herse Cycles
Manufacturernumber: BQ79
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Product information "Bicycle Quarterly 79"

No. 79 Spring 2022

Follow with amazement as Lael Wilcox rode the entire Alaska Pipeline Trail non-stop. She recounts the experience almost mile-by-mile, while Rue’s photos took us right into the action.

Smile when you read how our bike test turned from ‘just a spin in the hills’ into a much bigger adventure. Learn from Natsuko how to descend confidently without being brave or taking risks.

Read about Romolo Stanco, the mad genius behind T°Red Bikes, and be amazed by his ideas that allowed Francesca Selva win the Italian Fixed Championships on a very unconventional bike.

Gravel tire choice is still a bit of a mystery. Why do some racers win on ultra-wide tires, while others are just as fast on narrower rubber? Take a deep look at why there’s more to tire choice than only optimizing rolling resistance.

Our ‘Project’ article on how to remove a tire without tire levers (no great strength required!), how to patch tubes with 100% success, and how to get tubeless rim tape lay flat inside the rim.