Paul Brake Lever  Love Lever 2.5 (paar) Bekijk groter

Paul Brake Lever Love Lever 2.5 (paar)

Paul Brake Lever Love Lever 2.5 (paar)

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Paul Brake Lever Love Lever 2.5 (paar)

The Love Lever is a lightweight long-pull brake lever designed for two-finger or three-finger operation and easy adjustment. The design balances comfort and weight without feeling flimsy in your hand. The Compact fits two fingers and the 2.5 fits three. The Love Lever Compact has a lever blade that is about 20mm shorter than the 2.5 model.

These levers are compatible with all long-pull cable operated brakes. They will work well paired with any v-brake, mechanical disc brake, or other long pull brake. For a short pull brake lever see our Canti Lever.

These levers are machined in house to exacting specifications. The pivot features a lightweight hollow pin made of stainless steel, and its large bearing surface and precise machining reduces play while allowing the lever to swing smoothly.

A 5mm set screw in the side of the lever perch allows you to adjust the reach, setting the distance from the bar to the lever to fit your hands.

Barrel adjusters are included for fine-tuning your brakes and their oversized design and smooth shape makes it easy to adjust them by hand.

Love Levers are Paul Components perennial best sellers, and we believe you’ll love the action and the ergonomics of these beauties.


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Paul Brake Lever  Love Lever 2.5 (paar)

Paul Brake Lever Love Lever 2.5 (paar)

Paul Brake Lever Love Lever 2.5 (paar)