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    Big trip people and shorter riders rejoice. When you need the extra space that rack bags provide, but need something that will not get in your way when the going gets strange, Nano Panniers are the ticket. Think of these bags as frame bag supplements that stay on your bike; designed to carry dense and heavy stuff like food, water and fuel with a low...

    € 194,95
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    € 119,95 Het product is niet op voorraad maar het is wel mogelijk om deze te bestellen

    Compatible with most standard rear racks, the Surly Little Dummy Bag is a sling-style bag designed to help riders haul big awkward items more easily. Secure your backpack, groceries, or camping gear inside the sling when it’s time to ride. When you’ve arrived at your destination, quickly grab your stuff and leave the Little Dummy Bag mounted to your bike....

    € 119,95
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    € 299,00 Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    The Surly Big Dummy Bag Version 2.0 helps riders max out cargo capacity on bikes equipped with a Dummy-Style rail system, such as the Surly Big Easy, Big Dummy, and Big Fat Dummy. Features an expandable cargo flap, side panels that can lie flat or cinch up, and two inner pockets with a dedicated divider Three stainless steel drainage ports for easy...

    € 299,00
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    € 169,00 Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    Surly Porteur House Designed to fit the Surly 24-Pack Rack, Surly’s updated Porteur House Bag features a versatile strap system that gets along with a variety of Porteur-style racks. Simple to install and remove, it’s been tweaked to be even better for commuting and light weekend camping. With a structured body to stabilize your cargo, an integrated nylon...

    € 169,00
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    € 119,00 Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    Designed to pair with the Surly 8-Pack Rack and similar porteur-style front racks, the Petite Porteur House Bag attaches easily via three adjustable straps. Featuring a refined pocket strategy, a classic roll top and structured body for added stability, and a bunch of webbing loops for attaching lights and lashing straps, there’s nothing petite about the...

    € 119,00
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