• Gravel riding the Dutch Veluwe

    Touring and Gravel riding

    Gravel riding is the new bike touring. The thing we all did for years, just go out and ride whatever showed up before our wheels, now has a name: Gravel riding!

    At Just Pedal we have a lot of experience building and riding these bikes, and our webshop contains some great products to update your current ride.

  • Jones Plus 25 in Sicily

    JustPedal, not your average bikeshop!

    Thanks for dropping by in our webshop! At JustPedal we live bikes. That passion can be found in the parts we sell, in the bikes we build and the customers we have. Have a look at our great selection of parts and if you need some additional info, just send us a message!

  • Sunrise on the Hilversumse Heide!

    Work in progress..

    The shop is still work in progress. Not all products we had available in Singlespeed Central are already available in the new shop. We are working hard to add all items to the new shop, but that will take some time. Singlespeed.nl is still active, so you can still order there, or you can drop us a line to let us know the products you are after and we will add them to the shop A.S.A.P. Not ideal, but workable!

  • Zonopkomst
  • Bikes & Parts

    Bikes & Parts

    We sell bikes and parts, and everything in between. We do custom wheelsets, we do frames with just a headset and a bottom bracket, or we do your complete build, from affordable commuter to pimped out titanium dream machine. We sell more than you find in our webshop. Are you looking for that hard to get part? Just send us a message and we will try to get it, or let you know how you should be able to get it. We are not you average bikeshop..

  • Be Nice

    We Ride!

    We spend a lot of time in our shop, we feel a great need to be there for our customers! But... we need some time to ride too. We think it is important to ride. Not only because we love to ride, also because we want to know what we sell. We think we need to know the products we sell, so we can advise you not only what we read on the internet, but most off all what we experienced while out on our bikes! We are not the average webshop with a large 24/7 call center to be at your service all the time. Not so 2017, but the way we like it ;)

  • Er zijn momenteel geen aanbevolen producten.
  • Snel bekijken
    € 3.199,00 € 4.099,00 Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    Salsa's Bucksaw blurs the lines between pure fat bike fun and all-mountain, full-suspension trail bike. The light, lively aluminum frame is equipped for the trails with 100mm of front and rear travel, courtesy of a RockShox Bluto fork, a Monarch rear shock, and the active Split Pivot suspension. Massive, terrain-trampling 3.8-inch Surly tires and Marge...

    € 3.199,00 € 4.099,00
    Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen
  • Snel bekijken
    € 1.350,00 € 1.799,00 Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    Many moons ago Surly began producing the Pugsley because they wanted to ride a bike that could be ridden where other bikes simply faltered. In order to do that they figured this bicycle needed to have floatation and traction the likes of which have never before been seen. Pugsley is the brilliant solution to this -and it seems to work. This bike rolls...

    € 1.350,00 € 1.799,00
    Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen
  • Snel bekijken
    € 103,20 € 129,00 -20% Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    The Clement PDX Tubular is a cutting-edge cyclocross tire that combines the incredibly popular PDX tread with an innovative tubeless casing to create the ultimate tubular tire.

    € 103,20 € 129,00 -20%
    Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen
  • Snel bekijken
    € 99,00 € 159,00 Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    Unieke versie: Oranje Cane Creek 110 Balhoofd Technical Description Upper: EC34/28.6/H16/x Lower: EC34/30/H12/x Top Type EC - External Cup Top Head Tube Inside Dia. 33.95mm Stem Clamp Dia. 28.6mm Top Stack Height 16mm Top Bearing Type, Top-quality, sealed stainless steel bearings Bottom Type EC - External Cup Bottom Head Tube Inside Dia....

    € 99,00 € 159,00
    Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen
  • Snel bekijken
    € 89,00 € 149,00 Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen
    Nieuw Sale!

    The Cut H-Bar has the same hand, stem and brake lever position as the Loop H-Bar but with the front cross bar cut out. The cross bar sweeps forward to allow the levers to go behind the cross bar instead of in front. This gives longer uninterrupted hand positions and will allow trigger and grip/twist shifters to fit on the rearward extensions (unlike the...

    € 89,00 € 149,00
    Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen
  • Snel bekijken
    € 49,00 € 99,00 In voorraad
    Nieuw Sale!

    Duro Crux 29x3.25

    € 49,00 € 99,00
    In voorraad
  • Snel bekijken
    € 44,72 € 55,90 -20% Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    Boston, the original hotbed of North American ‘cross and home to some of the nastiest courses. If you’re flying into Boston’s Logan airport you better be ready for rain, roots, ruts and mud.

    € 44,72 € 55,90 -20%
    Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen
  • Snel bekijken
    € 33,53 € 41,91 -20% Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

    Named after the most entertaining and exciting cyclocross race in America, CrossVegas, the LAS (for Vegas’ airport code), is fast, glides over hard-pack, and cuts through grass.

    € 33,53 € 41,91 -20%
    Verstuurd binnen 2-8 werkdagen

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In het kort...

Just Pedal - Your Alternative Bikeshop

Just Pedal is de evolutie van Singlespeed.nl. Nu ons assortiment meer is dan alleen Singlespeed fietsen en onderdelen was een nieuwe shop onder een nieuwe naam voor ons een logische stap. We zijn nog steeds een part time shop, bezoek en afhalen kan op afspraak, we hebben een volwaardige werkplaats waar we alle voorkomende werkzaamheden voor U kunnen uitvoeren.

We streven ernaar om een zo hoogwaardig mogelijk produkt te leveren en we horen graag uw feedback om dit doel zo goed mogelijk te benaderen!