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Surly Porteur Bags

Published : 08/02/2017 22:18:13
Categories : Parts

Surly has a long tradition in Bike touring. The Surly Cross Check was one of their first models, and is exceptional good in on- and off road touring, and the Long Haul Trucker, their long distance travel bike, is one of the best sold travel bikes world wide! Surly has been offering model specific frame bags from Revelate for the last couple of years, and last year they introduced the Porteur bag, that is tailor made for the Surly 24-rack. Last week the small sister of this bag, the Petite Porteur back was introduced. This back perfectly complements the 8-Rack, the lower profile version of the 24-Rack.

The Petite Porteur House uses a system of six Velcro straps for secure mounting to the rack. The strap system also interfaces with many porteur-style racks of similar dimensions.The Porteur house bags are made of durable 1050 Nylon Canvas with polyurethane coating for protection from the elements and they includes four urethane coated, water-resistant nylon stuff sack. For safety a Light loop is available.

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