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Portland Design Works Lucky Cat Water Bottle Cage

Published : 08/14/2017 16:24:19
Categories : Parts

Portland Design Works Lucky Cat Water Bottle Cage

This month Portland Design Works released their new Lucky Cat Water Bottle Cage. It isheading our way as we speak and we can't wait to get it in the shop! It is a great addition to their excisting range of cages, with the Bird and Owl Cage.

The Lucky Cat Cage is made from a single sheet of lightweight 5052 alloy. Cut in the shape of a Maneki-neko (Japanese for "beckoning cat"), this bottle cage will undoubtedly bring good luck to its owner. Its side loading design makes it a great fit on small bike frames.

Portland Design Works is a small team who create beautiful, simple gear for everyday cycling. Designed with intention in every detail, PDW products are produced in consideration of aesthetics, durability, rebuildability and fun. 

Since 2008 PDW has been developing gear that everyday cyclists would want to use for any and all of their rides.
At Just Pedal we now offer a selection of their parts, but if you after some item not available in the webshop, just send us a message. As an official PDW dealer we can get you most items from their great line of products!

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