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Just Pedal December Sale 2017

Published : 12/07/2017 09:38:05
Categories : Info

December, end of year, cyclocross, holidays, gifts, short days, cold, Christmas, family time, fatbiking, dreaming about summer...

But also Sale! And that is what we will do in December. December is the time of year we have to count stock, and counting is better when no stock is there. So we are browsing the shop for parts that have been there for to long, for items that we bought in to large quantities, things that would do well under the Chritmas tree, shop bikes and so on!

So keep an eye on our Decmeber Sale page, we will be adding (and removing!!) items as December flows by.

Changes will be communicated through facebook, so be sure you follow and like and share our Just Pedal Bikeshop page on facebook too!

Check the Sale items in the webshop

Just Pedal December Sale 2017

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