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    € 1.349,00 Shipped within 2-8 days

    The Journeyman is Salsa’s aluminum all-road bike designed with the versatility to fulfill a wide variety of missions, from gravel racing to rail-to-trail excursions. All feature the ability to run wide, loose-surface-friendly tires; 27.5 x up to 2.25" tires. The frame accepts racks and fenders, or keep it stripped to the basics.

    € 1.349,00
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    € 2.299,00 Shipped within 2-8 days

    Complete Salsa Fargo Apex Bike - Red Fargo is Salsa's drop bar, off-road adventure bike, designed to take you wherever it is you wish to go. It has developed a cult status as an off-road touring and bikepacking machine, and fuels the passion for long days in the saddle in distant lands.

    € 2.299,00
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items