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    BRUNOX® IX 100 forms a High-Tec –anti-corrosive waxy film for metal products and machines under difficult environmental conditions. It is suitable for the most corrosive environments (salt water) and for the direct effect of adverse weather conditions. The wax-like protective film does not become brittle, remains compact and forms a perfect high-quality...

    € 16,25
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    For every frame we ship out here at Just Pedal we can (when necessary): ream and face head tube and bottom bracket tube face the crown race of the fork Install headset and/or bottom bracket  Why would you Ream or face your frame and fork? When using 2 seperate cups for headset (always) or bottom bracket (for all non-square taper bottom brackets) it is...

    € 39,00
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items