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    Surly Lowside Complete Bike The Lowside is the bike that gets you across town for a quick rip on singletrack, then over to the bar for a night out. It’s the bike you turn to when you’re not entirely sure what the night has in store. It’s the bike to grab when you want to have just much fun riding to the trail as you do from the trail itself....

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    Vaya is a road adventure and light-touring bike, designed to handle any road surface, from pavement to gravel to dirt. The tubing selection and stable geometry makes for a bike that feels great unloaded or loaded for a fast tour, soaking up unpredictable surfaces mile after mile, versatile even if the path turns less than ideal.

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    Stormchaser is Salsa’s single speed gravel bike designed for the days when dirt turns to derailleur-breaking, ride-ending mud. It has the grit to carry any determined rider through the toughest conditions, and features everything riders expect from the brand that built the industry’s first gravel bike.

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    Surly Bridge Club 27.5 Bike - Grandma's Lipstick. As a highly versatile touring bike, the Bridge Club hits the sweet spot that separates on- and off-road excursions. The simplistic design makes it fully adept to handle a full rack and pannier setup, frame bags, or any combination of the two. It doesn’t feel sluggish on paved shortcuts, but can also hold...

    € 1.495,00
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