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    Fahrstil issue 22 is called °200. And it’s not surprising in the year the bicycle ages two centuries. The „Draisine“, Karl Drais’ balance bike, was the beginning of two-wheeled mobility. And even today it is the case, when the little ones use their like-a-bikes more or less elegantly – as our cover picture shows. Why is this issue so special? One of the...

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    Modern all-road bikes combine attributes that were considered mutually exclusive just a few years ago: comfort and performance. Speed on smooth pavement and on rough gravel roads. A lively feel and the ability to carry a camping load. Handling that is both stable when the rider is tired and responsive on twisty mountain descents. All-road bikes combine...

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    Explore the development of the modern performance bicycle through the actual bicycles ridden by champions and amateurs! The bikes in this gorgeous large-format book are the actual machines that went to battle on the mountain passes of the great tours. Others whirled around the banked oval of a track. There is a René Herse tandem came first in...

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    This is a fascinating story of a time when cycling was a way of life. The bikes, as beautiful as they are, provide only the backdrop for the adventures and friendships that they made possible. René Herse needs little introduction these days: He created some of the most sought-after bicycles ever made. This 424-page book takes you right into the action,...

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