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    The Terrapin® 8L is an updated, smaller version of the modular Terrapin® System. Like the popular Terrapin System, the mount stays on the bike and the custom fitted drybag is removable for easy packing. With 8 liters of capacity, it is perfect for most lightweight bikepacking trips and fits bikes with low tire clearance. It is perfectly sized for small...

    € 179,95
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    € 34,95 The product is not in stock but it is possible to order

    Wolf Tooth’s new Mini Roll-Top Bag is a slightly smaller version of our popular Roll-Top Bag. A compact and flexible on-bike storage solution, it mounts almost anywhere to keep your spare tubes, tools, and snacks secure and protected from the elements. At 0.6L, the Mini Roll-Top Bag is perfectly sized for your wallet, food, or gear on shorter rides or...

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    The Vole is designed for modern full-suspension bikepacking trips when using a dropper seat post.  (if you still have enough tire clearance) It features several innovations to stabilize and compact the load without adding any external hardware. The Vole carries just enough to accommodate a minimalist kit for trips focused on the ride.

    € 199,00
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    The B-RAD Roll Top Dry Bag has a 1L capacity to keep items dry and clean. Multiple mounting options ensure it can be adapted to fit nearly any bike using the included B-RAD mounting plate, or strapping to frame tubes or saddle rails.

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    This little number was inspired by racers wanting an out-of-the-way place to keep an active Spot beacon. It's also nice for other small stuff you want close by hand. Loosen the bungees and stash a wet rain jacket or leg warmers quickly underneath the pocket.

    € 39,99
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    € 54,99 Shipped within 2-8 days

    The Terrapin Drybag is the first of it's kind for bikepacking. It's 3d welded & tapered shape conforms perfectly to the inside of the Terrapin®. RF welded waterproof construction. To still enable compression that the Terrapin™ provides, an air purge valve is located on the right side of the bag. Load the bag and compress the Terrapin with the valve...

    € 54,99
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    Completely redesigned, the 14L Terrapin® System is a modular, waterproof seat pack with a removable drybag allowing for easy off the bike packing. In its third generation, the bag improves on stability, ease of use, and durability.

    € 184,95
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    € 64,95 Shipped within 2-8 days

    The Shrew is built for big day rides on any terrain: gravel, singletrack, road, snow, whatever. The Shrew carries spare clothing and gear for the long haul with ease.  It packs a mighty 3L capacity and weighs just just 4.5 ounces.  Mounting only to the salddle rails gives the Shrew maximum versatility and a near universal fit to any bike.  Compatible with...

    € 64,95
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    RAPSTRAPZ; A cool brand from Johannesburg, South Africa. Rapstrapz makes 'mounts' to fit all kinds of stuff (like tubes) to your bike. This product is popular amongst marathon- and enduro riders. They are also very handy for short rides!

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    Revelate Designs Spinelock Seat Bag 10L Black

    € 239,00
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